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Welcome to the Over Forty Clan

We encourage anyone of any age to register for our website and participate in our forums, but you must be at least 39 years of age to join the OFC clan and wear the OFC tag on your in-game name. Anyone wishing to join the clan who is 39 years or older must agree to the Code of Conduct posted in the main forum.

Visit our code of Conduct Thread for our rules and visit the new members thread!

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 Post subject: Code of Conduct (CoC)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:06 am 
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All members please read, these are the rules we go by. They are by no means unreasonable so we expect all members to abide by them.


We are not a competitive clan. The founders of OFC have been involved in competitive clans and those clans have disappeared. This clan has survived because we are not that serious. Yes, everyone wants to win and wants to be successful at their particular game, but when this place was built none of us were experts. Hell we still aren't! However, we stuck together and have now exceeded any of our expectations regarding the number of members of OFC. Our Code of Conduct is in place for a reason. For all members to come and enjoy themselves without being put down or harrassed for poor performance or any other reason. Please remember the purpose of OFC when gaming.


  • No libel, slander, no lying, no fabricating, no words that teenagers use a lot that some people think aren't swearing but we do, no insulting groups or individuals, no ethnic slurs and/or epithets, no religious bigotry, no threats of any kind, no bathroom humor, no comparing anyone to Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot. We expect you to act like an adult. Comments should be polite and civil. We consider this to be public space so behave and write accordingly.

    This applies to the OFC Forum, TeamSpeak, public gaming forums, in-game and game intermission, and any communication of any form within the PS network, Xbox community, or any PC communication.

    In public spaces, if you represent yourself as OFC, you will act appropriately and realize that by posting in these spaces, you represent ALL OF US, not just your own point of view. You should be promoting an image that is consistent with the OFC CoC. Once you have identified yourself as an OFC member, you carry the responsibility AND privilege of representing all of us. Please do so with common courtesy and in the tradition of OFC being a mature clan that simply wants the entire gaming community to have fun.

    Yes, what is not allowable is subjective. OFC absolutely reserve the right to remove posts we think break any of the rules or the spirit of the rules and we reserve the right to ban individuals from commenting and from the clan. We will use language filtering programs to block certain words and we will use human editing too.

  • Please announce your Friend Code or gamertag in the appropriate roll call thread in the Wii, PS3, PC, and XBox forums. We also have a TeamSpeak server so we can voice chat with each other during Wii play. Each console has a master list of membership. You are required to add all members that play your games for full membership. Active participation in the forums is required to maintain active status. This is crucial in keeping our membership current.

  • We don’t cheat, glitch, or do anything that would harm the integrity of our clan in public matches .When we wear the OFC tag, we represent OFC and all of its members and we will not soil their name by cheating. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Going under the map on any game map.

    • Going out of the map on any game map. This is defined as out of the normal bounds of the map. Rooftops, rocks, ledges are all acceptable and legitimate to play.

    • Using lag switches to manipulate the internet connection to our benefit.

    • No Modded Controllers

    • Using glitches to access game modes that are locked at your current level (i.e.the "Bootcamp glitch").

  • Teabagging is prohibited against other players. Obviously, if it is meant as a joke between OFC members, it is fine. We are defining this as humiliating another player for nothing more than ego boosting.

  • “Boosting” - the practice of playing a competitive multi-player game against accomplices, in order to easily gain ranks or achievements which would require significant time or skill to achieve during regular play, is prohibited.

  • Hacking a game or console in such a way to cause an unfair advantage, or that disrupts the gameplay of others, is strictly prohibited.

  • We will follow the rules of all tournaments set up by the organizer. Unless otherwise stated in the tournament rules, glitching is not part of the game and is not allowed.

  • We don’t team kill in any match for the “fun of it”. But we will use it as a means to discourage others from breaking any of the rules we believe diminish the enjoyment of the game (i.e. glitching, other team killers, etc…).

  • We will not spam invites. Spamming invites is the continued invitation of friends over and over again within a short amount of time (10 minutes). We will try our best to coordinate invites via Teamspeak or this website and have respect for our OFC team mates during their online play.

  • A member of OFC can join other clans. You will not be restricted to just our clan.

  • We welcome other clan members to our site and to our clan as long as they follow our code of conduct.

Please wear the appropriate tag. Categories are as follows:

OFC = 39 yrs and older

ofc (lower case) = Under 39 yrs, invited friends

ofcj / ofcjr = ofc juniors

And the most important rule of OFC, HAVE FUN!!!

Any violation of the rules above will result in the suspension of their logon account for this website, Teamspeak, and will result in exclusion from tournament play. Especially the most important rule!

Dispute Resolution
1. All disputes among clan members must be brought to the attention of the admins immediately.
2. Once a dispute has begun, further discussion with the individual/individuals will cease until resolution with the aid of an administrator is accomplished.
3. All dispute threads will be locked by a moderator or admin as soon as escalation beyond the point of reason is observed.
4. Disputes with other clan members are to be confined to this forum. Arguing in other platforms, forums, e-mails etc will not be tolerated.
5. Failure to follow the above will result in an immediate one week ban from the forum until cooler heads can prevail.
6. Continued failure will result in a permanent ban.

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