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Forum rules

Here's the plain English: no libel, slander, no lying, no fabricating, no words that teenagers use a lot that some people think aren't swearing but we do, no insulting groups or individuals, no ethnic slurs and/or epithets, no religious bigotry, no threats of any kind, no bathroom humor, no comparing anyone to Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot. We expect you to act like an adult. Comments should be polite and civil. We consider this to be public space so behave and write accordingly.

Yes, what is not allowable is subjective. OFC absolutely reserve the right to remove posts we think break any of the rules or the spirit of the rules and we reserve the right to ban individuals from commenting. We will use language filtering programs to block certain words and we will use human editing too.

Please announce your FriendCode/Game ID & Nickname (feel free to prefix it with OFC- if you are over 40) in the appropriate forum for Wii, PS3, Xbox, or PC.
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